Bank Nifty Feb 28 EXPIRY curiosity Part 2

Banknifty trading at 26870 now at 11.25 am

My view for the next 8 days

I want bulls in banknifty to take 27280 or above

That is first clue and I want that to be on closing basis

Next, I want bulls to take banknifty above 27460 to 27660

Second clue

Let, first bulls take bnf above 27280

Later will update what to do in call options front

On Downside, I want bears to take banknifty below 26840 to 26440

Close should be below this for next few days

If decisively broken this levels

Bears would be in serious game

I would track 27000 put options

As mentioned in previous article, I want bears to be above 230 to 360 in 27000 put options

Till it closes below 230, bears are controlling the markets

Current price of 27000 put options is 317

For bears to have upper hand, they need to be above 360 to 400 on closing basis for a few days

Below 230 first clue and second clue is 130

Below 130 for most part of the days

Game over for bears in February

I change opinions in markets in a blink of a eye

Disclaimer – Trade less, trade from savings money

This is my strategy, have your own startegy

That’s the only success recipe in markets

Sagar U.S