I Stand with My Soldiers 🇮🇳

I am deeply saddened by the terror attack, just came to know one hour back

As of now 44 crpf brothers, yes our brothers we have lost

When are we going to respect their lives

Please request all elected representatives to act with one mission and objective

Destroy who are behind this terror act

Those are not human beings and they don’t deserve to be human being

Please please we should not forgive this

We want love and peace

But not at the cost of our brothers and sisters lives

They also have families like us

I have done my small tiny act

Have just contributed to


A person like me can do, you too can do

Jai Hind 🇮🇳

BANKNIFTY 14th FEB 2019 EXPIRY Curiosity

Feb 14th – For World its a — Day ,For Me- Derivatives Expiry Day !

So Crude Life be sometime !

Time is 10 AM, Only for Today

Disclaimer – Trade less ,Trade from Savings Money & Create your Own Strategy ,this is my strategy and its not a recommendation and it should be not your view !

I ,will be tracking 27000 banknifty call options and 27000 out options

27000 call – “40 ” & “80 ” Magic Number

Bulls want to trade above 80 for more than few minutes from 2 pm to pm

How much is few minutes – may be 15 to 20 minutes

Market is dynamic -its not static – I change my view blink of eye

I am not astrologer !

Bulls Above 80- 120-140-180-220 and let market decide

27000 Put –

Magic Number is 60 to 80

Below 60 ,for a hour to 2 hours Game over for bears !

But markets is not certain – keep in mind !

Above 60-80-125-150-180-20-250-280-300-350

Bears want it to be above 180 by 2 to 2.40 pm ! Bears to be winning !

Sagar U.S