BankNifty 31st Jan 2019 Monthly Expiry View

Bank Nifty @ 27115 Current Price

Just see what i have written on 4th Jan 2019

I hold on same views

Will update in few days ,if any opportunity arises !

Trade Less ,Trade Options Only From Savings Money

Sagar U.S

Nifty Options Jan 31st 2019 Monthly Expiry View

Nifty Current Price is 10781

Nifty Put Current Price is 54 ,Nifty 10700 Put Options Magic Number is “120”.

Bears Would be entering the game only above “120” .

Below 80 Close from today to Thursday is a danger signal to bears.

Let it close above “120” ,will update later in my blog !

Now,Coming to 10800 Call Options ,the current price is 74

Magic Number is “90” on Upside ,Close above this Bulls in the game !

Magic Number on Downside is “40”,Close below this Bulls are out of the game !

Disclaimer – Close below 40 by Wednesday may happen or may not -that left to markets ! I am not here to predict !

But below 40 by Wednesday however ,by Thursday noon,if it is above 40 ,bulls are still in the game !

Watch out for that !

If convincingly below 40 close ,bulls are out !

If opportunity arises in next few days ,will update here in this platform !

Trade less ,Trade Options ONLY from Savings Money

Sagar U.S