My Journey – My Gratitude ♥️🙏

Today, if i am able to have food in this profession lot of people have contributed from my loving parents to loving friends to loving family to another very very very important person in my life

The day, I saw him, I was blown out of his charismatic personality and his infinite strength to simplify the complex structure into learnable process even to a kinda garden kid!

It’s been more than a decade and few years now

Lot of ups and down in this journey

Up is from my guru side, downside is from my side, have intentionly or unintentionally have hurted him!

What stands out is, as they say wise is one or guru is one who forgives his disciple

He has done to me 💯♥️

My Infinite love ❤️♥️to my guru

He was the one who taught me Alphabet of StockMarkets and that has brought me today to earn bread and butter independently

Thank you so much Sir🙏

It’s just a teaser, yet to show my journey trailer, character introduction, beautiful songs, and the big movie and its in chapter 1 to 2 💯

Require mother earth and nature support and my loving parents, grandparents, friends, family and humanity support

Sagar U.S

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