BankNifty Curiosity 2019 – Part 1

This Year, My goal is to trade as less as possible. PERIOD!

Would be trading & tracking in Bank Nifty Options

Monthly Options would be in my radar most of the times or to say all the time!

Weekly options is my second options in my table or mind, want to trade as less as possible by 2019 end, I would be happy to know on December 31st 2019 – out of 40 weeks – I want myself to have traded in 15 to 20 weeks not more than this

If I have traded more than 20 weeks , though my analysis is right and I have made profit


The first lesson in options is less trade is best trade

The second and final lesson is no trade in options is great trade 😂

12 months – 12 opportunities in monthly options expected, sometimes may be 15 to 18 ideas maximum! Or 3 to 6 least!

Would be trying to find, or if it finds me either way would be happy

My least expectation is I Wanna find atleast 2 or 3 – 4 great RIGHT ideas out of 10 trades if exists

If my ideas work out as I have planned, would be able to get return from 3 to 7 minimum times, risk would be 30 to 50 percent per trade

That is on average 40 percent risk 500 percent return

That is 1 :12 ratio 👍

IF, I LOSSE MAY BE 5 trade ideas, would be ready to loose 40 percent to 50 percent each trade

Conclusion – out of 12 months, my job is to find 2 to 3 great ideas

I am not going to trade all 12 months

May be if I get, I will

Now how much I would trade per trade

15,000 to 20000 per trade example

Risk is 50 percent at outset per trade

That is ready to loose 7500 to 10000 rs per trade

Now, imagine if the trade works out as per my idea

Will make 5 times per trade

That is 75000 to 100000 rupees per trade

Always first think of risk, if not ready to take risk

Don’t come to markets, don’t even turn to options markets

If I invest 15 k to 20 k per trade

Imagine, if i get opportunity of 8 ideas for the year

4 works out, 4 don’t work out

Lets start with negatives

Life think of positive till last breath

Markets think negative till last ruppes in hand!

Henceforth, ready to loose 30000 to 40000 loss for 4 trades

If it turns gold, 300000 to 400000 rupees return

The biggest question, is do we have discipline to follow the above plan

Knowing what price to buy or sell any fool can suggest, including me 😂

Amount above written is example

I may do more or less

All the best to myself and others

Trade less, trade from savings money

Sagar U.S

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Sagar U.S

Have all human nature like greed, fear, love, passion, compassion, but the latter qualities are my strength. Mission to create 1 Million Entrepreneurs !

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