Christmas Gift ?

27000 Call options above 150 ,220 & 280 leads to 330-380-420-540

27000 Call now at 300 11 AM, till 8 days are there ?

let markets shows the direction,we shall follow itĀ 

till 150 not broken ,bulls are in party,till 60 is not closed below bulls can comebackĀ 

bulls will be in upper hand only above 280 to 340 ! for serious party !

if you benefit ,do tell me ,would be motivated to write more !

trade less,trade from savings money !

If the close is below 220 for most of the days for next 8 days ,game over !

Sagar U.S

Bank Nifty 17 to 21 December 2018

Banknifty, is at middle ground for this month , Friday closing price is 26816, would be looking for 26960 to 27060 on upside

26350 to 26150 in downside

It may be in a range for next few days or till expiry, I don’t know!

However my plan, is wait for the clue in this range and if opportunity arises would flow with the markets levels

27000 call options – Should not close below 120 to 80 by Friday

26500 put options – should be above 60 by Friday Close

Would be on my radar for this week and next week

Upside breaks – can expect banknifty upto 27350 to 27550 to – – – I don’t know

Downside breaks – can expect 26000 to 25750 – – – – I don’t know

Lets play the waiting game and would trade only when it’s towards my comfortable zones

Trade less

Trade from savings money

Sagar U.S