“RRR” – 11/12/18!

Yes,it’s not a rajamouliji’s upcoming film,It’s my story on …

R- State Election Reuslts

R-RBI Resignation 

R- Markets Reaction !

Before the movie releases, the censor board gives the viewership ratings which are suitable for the audience- don’t know, with the technology advancement, do we need it! debatable!

Same goes with this article rating too – first, let me rate this article, before I check back after some hours later, end of the day or days or weeks or months, in retrospective! 

The rating grades are 

“A”- the Best !

“B”-Second best !

“C”- Is the winner ! 

From childhood, we are seeded to get “A grade in whatever we do, same with me too, but for this article, I want to be the winner and just be the winner! I am not greedy! but I want to be on the winning side! that’s my attitude towards everything! “C” is new “A”

Let’s change the rules of the game!

Now, let me make my bold predictions for the day, the time is 7:30 AM, my analysis is for 3 states ( MP, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh) only!

There is a saying “wise never predicts” 

However ,today is exception for me !

 Modiji did a magic in Karnataka election this may 2018, modiji, single-handedly took 15 to 20 seats in last 15 days, if south voters can be convinced, north -Hindi belt voters is much easier!

Local touch-language plays best  !

I expect today it would 3-0 sweep either to bjp or congress 

For me ,at least i will not  believe in  1-2 or 2-1 to either  bjp nor congress !

If ,i expect 3-0 ,who is taking the cake for the day -Early Christmas !

It will depend on MP state – There was a huge turnout in MP this time around, whenever huge turnout -one side results can be expected 

Who ever wins here ,takes other 2 too states !

The winner is 

“B ” for BJP 

“C” for Congress 

I,am unique but not abnormal,expect the unexpected ! 

Confusing ,whats my answer ! Yes , for me they are the winners !

Who ?

let see what the results tends to be ! Iam rooting for one party ,
Your guess is as good as mine !

Read again ,you will get the answer !

Short run could be pain,long term -this too shall pass !

Now,lets have a view on RBI governor resignation !

It was not a breaking story – it was already playing out from last 1 month !

The bigger question is who will be next governor, whats the take with government opinion! the credibility of the institution is important in India now, from A-Z of INDIA 

Short run could be pain,long term -this too shall pass !

Now ,my dear friend bank nifty ,how are you going to reacts today on this blockbuster events !

Monthly options is my options for the day for me 

26000 put options – 480-580 is the magic number, sustains above 580-690-820-950, it may touch all the levels or may go above this too -only it can sustain above 580 majorities of the day 

below 280,1 sign of danger ,close below 140 done for the day game over !

26000 call options -magic number is 350, above 620 bulls will come back to the contest ,until then ,they need to play waiting cards !

240 is magic number for downside ,below 160 ,game over for the day !

BNF range for the today and few days 



Above 26620 bulls ,will blast !

Below 25380 bears will blast !

Will support works at 25380-25120 ,i don’t know – by 2 to 2.40 pm is crucial for the day 

Markets not able to tank ,then it will close near the open ! if below that it will be huge crack !

Markets above yesterday close by 2 to 2.40 pm – we can see upto 26620 !

When there is huge gap down in the range of 2 -3 % off the day ,markets invariably will be closing positive from open to close – means today close will be higher or equal to today open ! 

The greater the gap down ,tough for bears to take it forward !

That doesn’t mean it will close above yesterday close !

it may be down day compared to yesterday close, but positive form open to close for the day  

I will have positional trade today ,better to trade nimble for intraday !

26000 put options must be above 620 for at least upto Friday close 

25500 call options ,the premium will decrease ,but it should not below 500 by Friday close !

Trade less,trade from savings money !

This too shall pass !

Sagar U.S

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Sagar U.S

Have all human nature like greed, fear, love, passion, compassion, but the latter qualities are my strength. Mission to create 1 Million Entrepreneurs !

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