Group of 20 Powerful and top countries are meeting in Argentina today

The #G20Argentina agenda is centred on three themes: the future of work and the challenges it poses to education, infrastructure for development and a sustainable food future.

Check out the countries and leaders!

Sagar U.S

60 Seconds Is Enough !

The below story teaches us how life look so bright for future and changes in to challenging in just 60 Seconds!

Prthivi Shaw, teenage promising cricket star was full in awe to showcase his talents for next few days, he was a eye ball to all cricket lovers across the world to witness his cricketing abilities down under in Australia!

Cricket test series between India vs Australia is about to start in next few days!

While playing a practising match today, he injured himself while fielding!

What tells us from this incident, be blessed with what we have now in present and accept what lies the next second.

Challenging times, makes us to be stronger and helps to build never give up character in long term, it will make us to suffer pain, not just pain which definitely heals but destroys confidence in short term!

We need to believe this is too shall pass! Period

Conclusion, to be stronger, we need to have challenging situations

Come back stronger champ Prthivi Shaw 💪💯🏆👍

Sagar U.S