Skill or Luck or Ego or I don’t Know – Bank Nifty November Monthly Expiry Week!

Disclaimer – I am too human, writing this post, someday I can read this and tell “yes, even I had a syndrome of that ” I am an expert in banknifty ” 

Down the memory lane in the next 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 years down the lane, I should say so stupid of myself to write this post!

Check the above link , summary for that link is 

Had written clearly 26000 call options above 300 markets is bullish for the week !

Today Thursday market close for 26000 call options is 910 – 2 times return – i.e 200 percent return!

Now , Today Morning update

26500  Magic number was 140, after 12 pm no looking back for this options, close is around 410 odd at the end of the day! – 200 percent return!

Bank Nifty 26800 put options magic number was 100, the market broke that number at 1 pm, later it was “0”, now it is history!

Nothing to show now after this – just boosting my “EGO ” – i know i should not -but i am human !

Final question – Is this Skill or Luck ?

Answer is “I don’t Know ” and I Say it is Luck with skill !

So,what i did was went to party – Shankar  Movie 2.0 ! Fantastic Movie 

Sagar U.S

BNF November Monthly Expiry 2018

BNF trading at 25610 at 10 am, today is monthly expiry ,need to be very fast ,smart and risk averse !

Would be tracking today 26500 call options and 26800 Put options 

26500 should not be below 55 in second half of the session, then it should trade above 140  by its next destination is 190-210- 250-300-330-380

Magic Number is  “140 ” on upside “55” on downside

26800 – should not trade below 80 by the second half, if it trades around 80 by 2.35-3 pm,  next destination is “0”

If it is unable to fall below 120-80, and trade above that – we can see upto 230-270-330-380-420-470

Magic Number is it should not trade below “100” and on upside trade above “230”

Need to be on both side and follow the levels 

Trade less ,Trade from savings money 

Sagar U.S