India Largest Migrant Globally 2017

Source-India Spend/ United Nations Department of Economic Affairs .

Go back to 1990, for most not born, for some still a teen, for a tiny audience who is reading this may be an adult!

7 millions had left India for the reasons they know !

2017 – it’s 17 Millions  ( 1 million-10 lakhs ! 1.7 cr  roughly ) Migrant Population !

We are the largest source of migrants globally ! Second is China with 10 Million !

India’s  Working age population is growing at 1.3 million each month (13 lakhs )

We need huge employment opportunities  to cater this needs !

Need to develop skills to create jobs would be better options, then fight out with the competitions to find a job! 

Times of India reported in March 2018 – 90000 job in railways, 20.8 million had applied!

Now, want to know where is the preferred destination to Indians 

It’s the Middle East, Southeast Asia, US, UK … the new trends are Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden 

Migration on broadly two basis – Skilled and Unskilled Patterns

Unskilled migrants -traditional pattern were from Kerala,  Tamilnadu,  now it’s north India from past 7 years 

Uttar pradesh,Bihar ,Rajasthan and West Bengal have joined the bandwagon !

In Qatar – Indians living 27 years ago was around 2750 odd, In 2017, 2.2 Millions 

The remittance from migrants to our country banks in 2017 , was 70 billion dollars 

India was the highest remittance country with 70 billion $ 

Out of that 59 % purpose was for general consumption and living expenses, 20 % were deposited in banks, 8 % in shares 

Top Remittance comes from Kerala (19),Maharashtra(17) and then Karnataka (15) percent

Top 3 states constitutes 51 % remittance to INDIA 

A country with 1.3 billion Population, In an optimist viewpoint, we can conclude we would be a source for the skilled and unskilled workforce for the global in coming decades

In realist viewpoint, we need to create employment opportunities, we can’t depend on government or private sector to help us, we need to be a job creator than job seeker to solve our problems and for a wealthy lifestyle 

For “You and Me” ,creating a job is easier than finding a job ! In India !

Do share  and spread a word ,would be motivated to write more !

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