My Bet For 5 to 7 Years

It’s a roller coaster, upward, downward, sideways, water, food, dance, fun, family and friends

Guess the stock!

My bet is ready to lose 30 to 50 percent

Return expected is 300 to 400 percent

My hometown bangalore and the clue is keep wondering

Currently trading at 290

Disclaimer – Do consult your advisor and ur analysis

Trade less, trade from saving

Sagar U.S

BankNifty November PLAN update


Refer the above link and read last few paragraphs for the plan! 

Had written what should be my plan in November

It has played exactly same, thanks to markets 🙏

BNF first made a low of 24355, but close low was 24440 odd, from that level it’s been a u turn till today high 

What’s the high today, I am surprised it’s 26332, and still yet to come or done (markets will give clue) 

Had written my plan on October 25th, bnf has achieved by November 16th 

And, by the way we have another 8 days for this expiry

Strategy and observation is key to success 

Thanks BankNifty for the support

Around 1000 points move I have caught, but you have given me 1500 points opportunity 

Happy to take 1000 points any month 

Sagar U.S