Bank Nifty Stocks curiosity ­čĆŽ

Kotak Bank and Hdfc Bank will be key for BankNifty to go beyond 26000, now banknifty trading is at 25980

Kotak bank is trading at 1140, Hdfcbank is trading at 1945

Kotak should not trade below 1130, hdfc above 1955 positive for banking stocks

Both are above then, bank nifty may rally upto 1. 5 to 3 percent from here!

Sagar U.S

BankNifty Update

BNF bulls gave another 200 points to other bulls, done for the intraday for me !

Done with 400 points from yesterday afternoon, and today intraday 200 points

Total 600 points !!

Now BNF trading at 25990 at 12.45 pm, For a week to 2 weeks, BNF looks positive if it closes above 25600, Risk is till 25400.

Bank Nifty for aggressive intraday traders, it should not be below 25950 for at least 4 hours and maybe till 2 pm tomorrow, then we can expect upto 26180-26280, if it closes below 25950 for 2 hours, bnf may slip upto 25800-25600 odd!

Sagar U.S 

Banknifty 15th Nov Expiry 2018 Update

BNF has achieved the 25995 targets, felt it will take by Thursday, anyways markets are always expecting the unexpected, now feel ashamed to say about my correct analysis┬á as it is not skill, it’s a combination of skill and luck, feel have another opportunity, now bnf stays above 25820-25850, it may go further above till 26060-26180

Disclaimer I may be wrong

The risk for the above till 25720, Bnf making high of 25995, now trading at 25870

25820-25860 another opportunity from existing  bulls to take other bulls to take another ride for upside

The risk is 25720!

150 points risk, 400 points return

Trade less, trade from savings

Sagar U.S