BNF Futures Curiosity

I always write levels on Bank Nifty spot – Here all numbers & levels are Futures!

BNF Futures is in a narrow range (25160-25380 )

Breakout of either level will give a clue

But, when I don’t know and which side, in my reality and dream so I don’t know!

Need to monitor very closely for the next few days

25380 above, bulls will start their journey towards 25620-25820- from there we shall see & update!

24750 below, bears would take towards the 1st destination of 24550 if there are successful, next stop 24300- 24040 -from there we shall see & update!

24940-25160 tough range to trade ( neither bulls nor bears )

Close above 25160 -bulls in the game, but not winning

Close below 24940- bears in the game, but not winning

Curious to know how markets trade! In a few days will come to know

Patience is the key

Sagar U.S



BankNifty 24/10/18 Plan

BankNifty closed at 24972 yesterday, open low didn’t break, but most part of the day bnf was around 24980 and eventually closed near the same

However, after making high of 25120 odd, bears brought the bulls till 24820 odd by 2.15 pm, but couldn’t break the low yesterday and last 90 minutes bulls recovered from  the low

Macro -Crude is falling, good news to INDIA

As expiry is tomorrow, today BNF need to be above 25210 – 25380-25510-25660

Magic Number is 25180 –  above bulls, below bears!

25500 Call options: 130-180 Range

Above 40 positives for bulls, close need to be above 80-130 for bulls to win the day


25000 Put options

Below 180 bears tough to  comeback – Below 80 gone for bears

Close below 80, bears lost the game for the day

All the best

Trade less, Trade from savings money

Sagar U.S