Bank Nifty Update

Time is 9.22 am, have gut feel banknifty is trading at 25002,

Open at 24786, low as of now is 24784

Open low as of now, it may get broken today by second session

Disclaimer, I may be wrong

Lets see

Open low as to break, Banknifty should be below 24980 for the most part of the day

Intellectually curious to know, what may happen

Sagar U.S

Banknifty 23 /10/18 Plan

Banknifty pre open is 24786, our level of 25040 would be decisively broken, with gap down.

What is in store now,

24680,24510,24330 on downside

24820,24960,25040,25210 on upside

For the day would track

24500 put

Above 50, 130,170, 240, 290,340, 380, 440 – 460

Below 170 close warning for today and tomorrow

24800 call, best value or support may come at 60 to 110 today

If bulls are out, it may come to 20 by tomorrow close

Thursday is different ball game

Sagar U.S