BNF Plan for the day 15/10/18

BNF is trading at 25240, Today BNF should be trading above 25370 and close above that will conform bulls are holding their grip, if 25370 can’t be taken out by afternoon or close above that, bears can sneak and feel the small door is opening.

Like this week,wednesday is an expiry, to and fro movements can happen fast!

Bulls any cost should not open the gates of 25040 for today to wednesday, in case they get lethargic and open intraday, it must not allow bears to close below 25040

So the range is 25040-25370

Above 25370-25480-25660

Below 25270-25160-25040


Bigger picture 25040 below -24820-24960

Bears if they show they are ruthlessly hungry, first they need to take out  25040- and finally 24820.

Till then Bears are playing catch up!

Bulls will control the weekly expiry only above 25040, and the current price is 25240, as of now they are still and winning the weekly expiry

To win monthly expiry they should close above 25370 to 25480 for few days in next 8 days! that’s a long way out

That was bulls, bears and now it’s about me!

What am tracking  or watching – 25300 calls and 25000 put for the day

25300 call -should not close below 60, if they are not, bulls in control if they are below 180, some concern for the weekly expiry

So maybe they may trade today in the range of 140-230 -260

A better place for safety for the day is somewhere around 80-120!

25000 Put

Below 170, for the day weakness for bears, they need to be above 170

Below 170-we could see up to 120-90

Above 170- we could see up to 230-330

Close below 180 for today and tomorrow,  the game would be lost, but however, if they don’t close below 80 for the next few days, they have a slight chance to come back.

Let’s see how markets act and we shall react

All the Best and trade less

Sagar U.S



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Sagar U.S

Have all human nature like greed, fear, love, passion, compassion, but the latter qualities are my strength. Mission to create 1 Million Entrepreneurs !

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