BNF CTD Update

BNF closed at 25395, markets didn’t break 25480 on upside tried to fall below 25370 by afternoon to 25308 it tried, but closed at 25395, markets movement finished by 10.15 AM, rest of the day markets traded with the small range

Markets are the big boss, we have to obey

It takes some effort to cross 25660, above 25040 markets are bullish, close below 25040 for 2-3 days, will make bears to enter the game

My sense may be wrong – sideways may happen for next few days of trading in the range of 25040- 25660- 26060

Let’s see how markets works

Trying to implement a simple strategy for the next few weeks/ month, will update on the results

Sagar U.S



BNF follow up

BNF would trade between 25370-25480, above 25480-25660-25880-26060

Clue for correction of bnf only below 25370 by 2-2.40 pm if it trade’s

Downside could be up to 25170, below this 25040

Above 25660 by 2 to 2.40  another 200 to 300 points rally

Do keep eyes for 25370 for rest of the day

All the best, trade less , trade from saving money

Sagar U.S