BNF learning

Trade less

Trade with plan

Markets surprise with huge moves upside and downside

Market surprises with no moves at all

Markets moves up or below your level n number of times to bluff us and loss out the patience and capital

Do not trade with pressure of losing

To win this profession, we need to win our selves

Greed less, risk less, trade less, should be mantra

If we don’t get our levels get out no worries

If our trade losses, get out no worries

It takes huge effort to build capital

It takes minutes to loose capital

Different thinking is a must but with crystal clear plan

Love the process, have discipline and more importantly implement the learning

AM still work in progress in this profession

Long way to go

From tomorrow will update with lot size with opportunity to enter and exit

Lets see how it works

Disclaimer – This opinion is for my learning and not for any recommendations, do consult your advisor

Sagar U.S

BNF CTD Update

Today, Bears pulled the markets down with huge gap down, bulls however made sure they didn’t fall below day lows which was made in the early morning

Bulls pulled the markets upto 24950 odd, but however started drifting downward from 1.30 pm and made a low of 24650 odd, but however closed around 24783

Why markets did not break morning low  nobody knows, but one way to think is, crude was down 2 percent

Markets are too volatile, need to trade less with bliss mindset for next 12 months

With lot of events, domestic and global

Lets see how markets react tomorrow

Sagar U.S

BNF 11/10/2018 Plan

BNF closed at 25327, it was a roller coaster ride yesterday same could be seen today too

I have prepared a series of plan, one is would be tracking today expiry options, next week and monthly options

Would track only 2 call option in weekly expiry that would be 24400,24200 and if markets are brutal then maybe 23800

The plan is ready for all 3 options

wouldn’t track any monthly or next week call options

On Put, Options would track 24500,24200,24000 weekly

24000 monthly and weekly options would be on my radar

If everything falls in place would trade

The better margin of safety is to trade monthly options today

I would track 24000, monthly options 24000 should be above 220 and trades above 280 for 3-4 hours it is a clue for further downside, the next stop is 370 -390

Above 400- a bloodbath, but I want 400 to close above 2-3 days and a confirmation

will trade light in weekly expiry today, if gets an opportunity probably 24500 put options

Above 60, positive till  130-200- 250-350-480-550-620-700

Who knows markets may recover after the huge gap, so need to be prepared on upside too

would track 24200 & 24400 call options

Positive Above 40, is the number would be tracking for the day

Negative below 40

Best place for value is around 40, nothing above or below

In case, markets take a u-turn and close positive for the day, I would rather track 24800 call options weekly – it should be above 20, nothing below or above

let’s see how it works

All the best

Sagar U.S