BNF CTD 10/10/2018

BNF closed at 25321, it was a blockbuster day for bulls, there are few days where you feel you belong to this league, one of those days for me today!

Now, I need to correct myself further and implement the learnings which are happening, need to win a Decade, not a day!

Still, a lot of implementations and learning is required to me,  as markets name is surprise, shock and expected the unexpected!

BNF kept on moving upwards every 15 minutes and finally closed near day high

Let’s see how markets react tomorrow , will update my plan tomorrow

Sagar U.S

BankNifty 10/10/2018 Plan

BNF is at 24527, Today my plan is to watch out 24770-24820 on upside and 24510-24420 on the downside

Options to track -24700 put and 24800 Call

24800 call need to be above 140 to make bulls happy, best value to track is around 80
above 140-200-280

below 80 -60 clue for downside

24700 Put should not come below 220-160 for the day if they do clue for further ,downside , if it is unable to come below 160-120 bears are in the game for the day

Time factor need to be considered

All the best

Sagar U.S