BANK NIFTY (CTD) Update for the day

BNF closed at 24527, Today session was rangebound with 24520 on lower side and 24720 on the upside .

As ditto like yesterday, but reverse we saw bulls won from 2 pm to 2.40 pm, but bears came back last 40 minutes and pulled back 200 points on the downside

Yesterday bears won from 2-2.40pm, bulls took the last 45 minutes.

RBI Rate Day range is from (BankNifty Fut) is 24520-24920

Don’t where the expiry would happen, just follow the market is the mantra

My level either in put or call of 24500 and  25000  came to my expected levels

Hence No trade for me today

What’s the plan for tomorrow will be updated before the markets open

Sagar U.S



BNF PLAN for October 9th October 2018

BNF closed at 24618, Asian Markets are mixed, Crude has cooled off a bit.

Today Would track 24500 Put and 25000 Call

25000 Call above 140 is positive – could lead to 200-240-280-340 (Extremes) Downside could be 80-60, below 60 danger signal and it’s clue markets are not ready

24500 Best bet to track is somewhere between 60-80 and need to stay above 60 for 1 hour to 2 hour

Let’s see how markets react, above 24900 is positive till 25080-25180-25370

Need to accumulate if markets are bullish 25000 calls at every dip keeping 60 or 40 as a reference point

All the best to myself and one and all

Trade Less, Trade from Savings money

Disclaimer- Not a recommendation, consult your Investment advisors, this opinion is for my learning