CTD -BankNifty Update for the day

BNF has per our day made a low of 24240, from there it made a high up to 24745, nearly 500 points from 2.40 PM

2.30 PM markets made a low of 24240, bluffed bears and moved non stop on the upside

Markets opened flat in the morning, tried to make a low, fell up to 24325 and moved upside till 24660 around 12.30 pm

Markets from 12.30 pm till 2.40 made another downside and bears tried to take control for the day

Last 45 minutes Bulls took control and closed around 24618.

We need to connect the dots to understand BNF- Disclaimer

Friday BNF made a low of 24250 and bears made a big sound, and they are making it from early September week by week

Friday Interest rate policy at 2.30 PM, markets were trading at 24890, henceforth 1st stop is 24820 to 24900 and next is 25080 -25120-25370

Let’s see how markets close on expiry day.

24500 call didn’t fall below 140 and bulls controlled the day and have closed at 317

24200 put took huge support at 140 and the last 30-20  minutes markets fell up to 70.

Had a lot of opportunities to trade on both the options

However, I was inclined to call options, had a wonderful opportunity to trade

Myself is learning markets surprises and shocks -each unique minute and day is different

Need to be fast, need to have planned well in advance and fast enough to execute is the learning, fastest enough to change the views as and when markets react. last but not the least need to be ready to take a risk and ready to take limited losses.

Let see what’s in store for tomorrow movie

Sagar U.S



BankNifty 8th October 2018 Update

Disclaimer – Do consult your Investment advisor and it’s not a recommendation, this is for my self-learning “ONLY”

BNF has closed at 24443, am expecting 2 open low in next 9 trading sessions.

BNF trend is “down” medium term and short term.

OPEN LOW means – Bullish (Context here is  “intraday” ) Don’t know when it may happen!

The number to watch is 24250-24110-23900 then, the next stop is 23770-23660

From there only one person knows it – “BigBoss”

To know the as trend reversed upwards, markets have to give clue- Number to watch is 25080-25370-25650-26060-26440-26820 (boundary)

For today – Above 24250 – Positive – till 24510-24680-24820

Below 24250-markets may slide up to 24040. But need to close below 24040 for  2 weeks for another selling to start.

Options to track -24500 call and 24200 put

Need to be fast with the execution ( Intraday )

24500 call – best place to look for a trade is around 80-60 today for 20-30% return, keeping a stop loss for 5 % if we don’t get -no-trade -always tomorrow

If options are not falling below 120 – the clue is markets are not ready to fall for today

24200 Put – best place to look for a trade is around 140-120-80 today for 20-30% return, but 120 should not close below 15 to 30 mins .keeping a stop loss for 5 % if we don’t get this level, it shows bears are in a big grip in the current market.

All the Best to me and others

Sagar U.S