BankNifty October 1st, 2018 Plan

Today, My plan is if bnf opens gap up, and sustains, would be buying call options and would be exiting  sooner too (probably first half trade )

If gap up doesn’t sustain, would be light on call options buying

Disclaimer – It’s not a recommendation and it is to test my Research, do consult your research analyst

Expecting a 2 Open low in BNF in next coming 6-8 trading sessions

One Open low could be blockbuster, but don’t know which open low day

The other open low would take markets up in the first half, the second half could correct all the gains and close positive

The question is which open low day would happen and nobody knows it

If it happens today -would be fantastic! Fingers crossed! If not probability of that happening is more!

Would be tracking 25500 Call options and 25000 Put options

25500 Call options above 120 are positive, above 180 it would be a huge day for 25500 call options – the move could lead to 270-360-390

Below 70 it’s negative for the day

25000 put options below 80 close for the day is negative for the put options buyers.

If it is above 80, it is positive

Position Sizing is more important – Would be extra cautious and trade, will update later in the day about the result

All the best! Trade less ! Trade from savings money

Sagar U.S

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BANKNIFTY October 2018 monthly plan

BankNifty has closed at 25120, after the earthquake in September, what to expect in October. If somebody knew it’s coming and somebody knows what’s coming it’s a “Joke ”

Even myself belong in somebody gang too!

What’s the plan for the month –

BNF Support now stands at 24950,24550,24110,23650

Resistance Stands at 25360-25540,25820-26060,26340-26660

Support and Resistance doesn’t hold when there is an earthquake & tsunami

Example- October Series

A lot of Fundamental news is turning bad for INDIA, From Oil to Currency, Fiscal Deficit to State Elections, Upcoming General elections to GST Collections,  Inflation to Interest rates, Trump Midterm elections to Global Tensions and trade wars, Q3 results to Corporate Scams.

This Perceptions can change overnight – That’s a beauty of StockMarkets!

What’s my execution strategy

The trend is down – Don’t fight the trend – to identify, has the trend reversal now, is the clue need to be observed!BNF need to Cross “27480 ” and close for at least 2-3 weeks

What may also happen is markets may try to go up till 25820-26660-27000 and may reverse, it’s almost 6-8% move from today’s price

Or it can move further high and make all-time high, seeing that now the probability is lesser! Would not be surprised if markets make high only if crude falls and Modiji Popularity sustains to votes in the state election

what if on the downside – markets crash below 24330,  it’s sooner or later it will try to break 23660, next stop is 22750

But move on downside and upside doesn’t happen according to our wish, the move would be surprised

Okay that was on trend analysis

Daily Plan changes from day to day which I would be sharing

All the Best and Trade from Savings money

Sagar U.S