BANK NIFTY Update today

BNF above 24880 bulls enter the game

BNF below 24820 to 24680 bears won the first round!

By knowing this we can’t make money

Then, how should we be prepared to trade

By 2 to 2.40 today markets are below 24680 to 24820 bears are in clear control, they may bring markets too 24250 to 24350

If they are ruthless, even 24040 to 24080

If bnf trades above 24680 by 2 pm but not able to cross 24820, Bears still in control, may be they want few more hours to win or one or two more days

BNF recovers till above 24880, and close tomorrow, then bulls comes into contest

Bulls may go beyond that level, but better to wait till it crosses 25380

For me at least bulls needs to comeback above 25390 till then positionally I won’t be with bulls

That’s for positional trading

For intraday –I am. Flexible both the sides, today

Above 24680, bulls standing at the gate, above 24820, knocks the main door, goes above 24880, then they enter the house, that doesn’t mean they are winning, they would like to give one more fight

Below 24680, Bears will ride the tide today! But they need to trade most of the time below this number

Markets are unique and random

Let markets give me clue

Sagar U.S

Nifty Curiosity 31/10/18

29745074_363066927535269_5833799122276297701_oI, usually or rarely write on Nifty, but some patterns or clues triggered to me, henceforth brief on NIFTY50 December futures


Nifty Futures December Magic Number for me is 10280

Currently trading at 10270!

Anything below my magic number for few weeks or by November expiry, would drag nifty future December another 5 to 7 %, I. E 9600 extreme too impossibly possible!

Above the magic number for nifty, may take nifty to 2. 5to 4.5%

As of now Bears as risk reward favour

But reality is, nifty will be trading to and fro and confuse both bears and bulls, before breaking out the extremes level

i. e 9600 to 9800 plus or minus 0.75%

10500 to 10770 plus on minus 0.75%

We need to be flexible as the levels approaches the extreme levels

Global markets weakness with anti government vibes will take markets down

Vice Versa on upside

Crude and currency has to be favourable along with elections vibes to move forward, another outliers are global markets

Anything can happen

Be prepared and tighten the seat belt

Trade less, trade form savings money

All the best

Sagar U.S


Bank Stocks to track! For the next few – weeks- months – years! Part 1


Sbibank – ___,___225,245,260,285,305-325 – sky is the limit !

H- Hdfcbank -_____,_____,990-1035-1080-1120-1180-1220-1280- Sky is the limit !

I- Icicibank -____,____,250-270-300-320-330,345 -365-430-450- sky is the limit !

A- Axisbank – ____,_____,520-535,560,582,605-615,640-680-750-sky is the limit !

k- Kotakbank -____,____,1060-1130-1185-1210,1240-1270-1320-1340-sky is the limit !


Yesbank – ______,______, _______,174,187, 196,220-230,250-260 !

Part 2 ,to be continued ……

Sagar U.S