BankNifty 6th Sep Expiry 2018

Disclaimer – This strategy is for my educational purpose, do consult your financial adviser

BankNifty has closed at 27820 on Monday

I would be tracking “27700” call options

On put side would be tracking ” 27900 ”

27700 Call Option

The magic number for the week is “70” & “180”

Any close below 70 for 600 Minutes is a danger signal

Below 40 -for 240 Minutes is the final nail in the coffin for  20 – “0”

On the upside – 70 & 180 are the important number to track

Close above 180 for 1080 minutes, signals a clue Bulls are in front,

Above 280 for 180-240 minutes is super bullish before wednesday 2pm.

However, above 220 by Thursday 2pm, shows bulls are in full control.

By 2.40-3.05 pm on Thursday if it is trading above 220-260-290-320-350-380,440,480,520,580,630

For the week



27900 Put Options

The magic number is “60 ” & “210”

Above this number 60-80-110-140-180-“210”-240-280-310,340,390,430,460,490

Below 60 close for 180 minutes before wednesday danger signal, but close above 60 by wednesday, still a chance to pull back up to 140-210, but not a victory

Below 60 on Thursday by 2pm- 3.05 PM- Game Over “0”

Trade from savings money, trade less

All the best

Sagar U.S

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