Banknifty Update

Don’t Know what’s happening to markets and my analysis too!

Need to revisit my September banknifty plan, and check yesterday banknifty close

The rest is history

Now, big question is, have i executed as per my plan

To be very honest with myself, yes able to taste some success, but should have nailed it

Missed it!

The action plan is to execute my plan without any hesitation and that should be my mantra

Let me start evolving and enjoy the ride

Banknifty is my passion and dream, which requires year’s and year’s of patience, persistence to enjoy the dream and to become champion

Hardwork and Never Give UP with simple common sense is required

All the best to myself and others

Sagar U.S

BankNifty 12th Sep 2018 Expiry

Bank Nifty is the biggest roller coaster in INDIA at present, after weekly expiry, it has no competition in our country

I need to pinch myself what I had written and what has happened! That’s for another day, let me have my strategy for tomorrow expiry day

Bank Nifty has crashed to 26802 on Tuesday,  the very important Support  Levels is 26770 to 26660 to 26510!

Resistance is 26860,26980,27060,27100-27180,27220,27290,27330,27410

US MARKETS ARE IN POSITIVE AS I write these, ASIAN MARKETS and European markets will determine how markets open tomorrow, Crude and USINR will guide how markets carry forward!

Call Options which I am tracking is 26700, 26800  and if markets gaps up and plays positive will look into 26900 & 27000

Put Options am tracking is 27000 & 26800 for tomorrow

Seriously tough to trade on put side tomorrow, if need to trade will trade on 27000 options

Below 60 by 2-3 pm game over for bears at 27000

Above 60 by 2-3 pm, may reach up to 230,270,340,380,420 !

Trade above 20 by 2-3.05 pm may close near 60

Trade below 20 by 3.05pm “o”

Call Options 27000

Above 60 by 2-3pm, upwards up to 200

Below 60 by 2-3.05 pm “o”

Probable expiry number!

IF markets are not too bullish, we may expiry around 27020 levels

IF markets ARE too bullish expiry around 27180-27220

If markets are sideways -26860

If markets are negative 26660-26540!

Most Probable can be identified depending upon currency movements and global markets

All the Best! Tradeless with savings money

Sagar U.S





BankNifty 6th Sep Expiry 2018

Disclaimer – This strategy is for my educational purpose, do consult your financial adviser

BankNifty has closed at 27820 on Monday

I would be tracking “27700” call options

On put side would be tracking ” 27900 ”

27700 Call Option

The magic number for the week is “70” & “180”

Any close below 70 for 600 Minutes is a danger signal

Below 40 -for 240 Minutes is the final nail in the coffin for  20 – “0”

On the upside – 70 & 180 are the important number to track

Close above 180 for 1080 minutes, signals a clue Bulls are in front,

Above 280 for 180-240 minutes is super bullish before wednesday 2pm.

However, above 220 by Thursday 2pm, shows bulls are in full control.

By 2.40-3.05 pm on Thursday if it is trading above 220-260-290-320-350-380,440,480,520,580,630

For the week



27900 Put Options

The magic number is “60 ” & “210”

Above this number 60-80-110-140-180-“210”-240-280-310,340,390,430,460,490

Below 60 close for 180 minutes before wednesday danger signal, but close above 60 by wednesday, still a chance to pull back up to 140-210, but not a victory

Below 60 on Thursday by 2pm- 3.05 PM- Game Over “0”

Trade from savings money, trade less

All the best

Sagar U.S