BankNifty September Mega Plan 2018

Disclaimer – This Blog opinion is for my learning & educational  purpose, not for any recommendations, it is to improve & understand myself better in markets

Bank Nifty has closed at 28103, Personally been trading and learning much in markets, Irony been stuck up with some carry positions ( On Short Side)

One lesson – Market is BIGBOSS

Accept where it moves and adjusts to its speed

Henceforth, this is what am tracking for this month

BNF very important number is 28320 ,28580, & 28880

If markets don’t cross this levels and close below these levels, we may see markets up to 27760,27350,26950,26680 & 26325 and next levels big boss knows it!

Would be very cautious at high levels, on the upside would be comfortable only above 28320.

If that level breaks we can see up to 28580,28880,29090 and leave to the big boss!

Trade less, Trade to learn, Trade only from savings money

All the best

Sagar U.S

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