BankNifty 17-23th August 2018

BankNifty closed at 28129, yet another week of Just 4 days trading expiry sessions

What to expect an how to position!


Would be tracking 28100 and 28300 Call  & Put Options

28100 – Call Options

Magic Number is “180-210″ on an Upper range

On the lower end, it is” 40 ”


Above 280 by thursday noon,  markets would look to fly towards the north

Below 40 by thursday noon, next target is “0”

28300 Put Options

Magic Number is “270 ” on Upper side

Magic Number is “80” on the lower upper side

FINAL Magic Number is “20 ”

Above 170 by thursday noon, markets would edge towards bears direction

Below 80 and 20 by noon of Thursday – “0”



Trade less, Trade only from savings money

All the best

Sagar U.S

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