Bank Nifty 10th -16th August 2018

Bank Nifty has closed at 28124. What Next for bank nifty after stupendous last week.

Million Dollar answer is “Nobody Knows”

If anyone tries finding out, then it’s a “BIG Irony”( including “ME”)

But, we can have a strategy &  plan  for the coming week expiry

Would be tracking, 28300 and 28000 Call Options and 28200 and 27900 Put Options

28300 Call Options –

Magic Number is “20 “, “80 ” and “160”

Above 80 Close by wednesday, bulls can come back for the week  or game over for the bulls for this week


Below 20 by thursday 2pm, game over for bulls, above 80 by 2-3pm thursday, bulls will try to fly

27900 Put Options –

Magic Number is “25”, “75” & “130”

Above 75 close by wednesday, bears are in a game, but they need to be above “130” for bears to win handsomely  for this independence week


Below 25, by Thursday 2pm, game over for bears, above 75 on Thursday by 2-3pm, bears will try to fly

Disclaimer – This Blog opinion is for my learning & educational  purpose, not for any recommendations, it is to improve & understand myself better in markets

Sagar U.S

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