BankNifty 20-26th July 2018

BankNifty Trading  @ 26860 now, what are the Levels to watch for the monthly expiry

Bears -Magic Number 26660-26510

Break Below this range will bring back the bears to the game

Bulls-Magic Number 26960-27180

Break Above this range will make markets fly

Options to track for the week are

26500, 26600 & 27000 Call Option for the week

27000, 26800 & 26700 Put option for the week

Today will track 27000 Call Option

Magic Number is 60 for the week

Above 60- 90-120-150-190-220-250-280

Below 90-60-40-25-0

Below 60 danger signal, below 40 for one and half a day, game over for bulls

Golden Rule – Anything can happen in the markets, just react to the market reactions

27000 Put Options

110-60 is the Magic Number for the bears

Need to be above 110-140-170-190-230-260-290-340-380-420-450-490

Below 60,  danger signal Рbelow 40 close for 1 day and maybe another half a day -Game over for bears, that will lead to 40-20-0

All the Best, Trade less, Trade from Savings mOney

Sagar U.S

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