Day 1

I, want to obey my thoughts, plans, rules ruthlessly.

Will update the progress day by day

Tomorrow Morning need to get up at 4.55 am, meditation for 20 minutes, book reading 20 minutes, walking 30 minutes, 20 minutes cycling

By 7 am need to finish these activities

By, 7.30 need to finish temple visit

7.45 to 8.30 stock market plan need to be ready for the day

No Social media till 8.30 am.

8.30 need to update the progress in the blog

Later plan for the day

Testing Myself

Sagar U.S

I will obey my plan ruthlessly

Published by

Sagar U.S

Have all human nature like greed, fear, love, passion, compassion, but the latter qualities are my strength. Mission to create 1 Million Entrepreneurs !

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