Miracle Happens! Believe it!

Wild boars team is the new football champions of the world 2018, Rescue team from all over the world, professional divers, doctors, support team and the farmers too have shown the world – Miracles happens

Day in and out, we see hatred, fight, rat race in life

Here is a story of what life is all about

While entire world was rooting for their favourite football team to win, there was team called Wild boars comprises of 12 kids and a coach in thailand, coach age is 25, kids under 14 were trapped in a cave on June 23rd, while they had been to play football.

Once, the search operations started, the thai navy seal and International divers, experienced once in a lifetime miracle, traces of team being alive

Then started the biggest operation of humanity

Where it shows humanity, love, compassion, courage, Miracles still exists in this beautiful planet

The whole world prayers have been answered

Yes, 12 kids plus coach has been rescued

One Navy Thai seal officer has sacrificed his life for this!

Kids and coach have been there for 18 days, without food, been drinking water and mostly meditating – idea by his coach

They are diving inside the Chambers to survive, no light whatsoever, no diving experience too!

Professional divers from other countries have put their life in this operation

Farmers, have agreed wholeheartedly to sacrifice their crops, millions litre of waters was pumped out to nearby place and have destroyed their crops

One farmer- we can grow crop next year, what we want is our kids who are trapped inside to be alive

Doctors who helped them to survive in the cave

Names of the cave divers I’ve found so far:
Saman Kunan🇹🇭 (RIP)
Arpakorn Yookongkaew🇹🇭
John Volanthen🇬🇧
Rick Stanton🇬🇧
Chris Jewell🇬🇧
Jason Mallinson🇬🇧
Tim Acton🇬🇧
Richard Harris🇦🇺
Ivan Karadzic🇩🇰
Ben Reymenants🇧🇪
Rafael Aroush🇮🇱

Being Human today after what our fellow human beings have done is one word – Respect

Love to the human spirit

Sagar U.S

Published by

Sagar U.S

Have all human nature like greed, fear, love, passion, compassion, but the latter qualities are my strength. Mission to create 1 Million Entrepreneurs !

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