BankNifty Expiry Day Strategy 05/07/18

BankNifty trading at 26500 at 11.15 am, nifty is trading at the downside, whereas banknifty started with the downside and moved upside in first 90 minutes of trade.

Now back to open levels. Whats in the store for the day.

Scenario 1 = Magic Number for the day is 26460-480.

If Markets trades above this level till 2 to 2.40 pm, and have broken 26570-26620 decisively by 15 minutes.We could see the expiry on the upside for the day.

Last one hours is a toss – if bulls have strength above 26620, will close around 26670-26720-26770-26820.

For this Nifty has to support and break today’s high. ( checkmate)

Scenario 2- Trades above 26460-480 till 2.-2.40pm, then what to do?

If they can’t be higher than 26570 by 2.40-3PM, and not able to trade above 15 minutes, then they may come back to 26440-26480 by end of the day.

If they break 26440 by 2.30 pm.and trades below for 20 minutes, then, we may see 26370-26330 -if they take the support there and close back at 26420-440 levels.

Very Tricky!

Scenario 3-Trades below 26460-480 by 2 pm,  we could see 26370-26330, if they take support there, well and good or may crash till 26250-26120

Scenario 4-Trades below 26460-480 by 2 pm, but unable to break 26370-330, it may retest 26460-26480 back


Will track 26500 Put -Only above 80,  by 2 – 3pm range, then 130-170 -240-280

Unable to trade above 60 by 2-3 pm range,   then we may see 20- “0”

Will track 26500 Call- Only above 80,by 2-3pm range ,then 120-140-160-190-220-250-270

Unable to trade above 40 by 2-3 pm range, then 20-”0″

Scenario 5- don’t trade on expiry ,if unable to understand and manage risk

Trade less and trade from savings money

All the Best

Sagar U.S

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Sagar U.S

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