BankNifty Update for the day 26th June18

BankNifty trading at 26550 10.50 AM, Markets have opened gap down, the Important number for the day is 26440 and 26660

Above 26440-26570-26660-26770

Below 26470-26360-26250-26120

Need to know how European markets trade today by 2 pm.

If they stabilize from the previous fall and trade positive,we could recover or else we may sell off in second off the session.

Would be tracking 26500 Call Option – Range for the day would be 140-240, trading now at 175.Above 140-220-270.Below 120-70-30

70 is the very important number for 26500 call option for the coming days.

Would be tracking 26500 Put Option-Range for the day would be 80-140, trading now at 110. Above 140-220-250.Below 100-70-30

30 is the very important number for 26500 put optionĀ for the coming days.

Let us have great tradings – Position Size is important than analysis

Trade less -Trade from Savings Money- All the Best

Sagar U.S