Bank Nifty Update for the day 25 June 2018

Bank Nifty is trading at 26740 at 10.54 AM, the Very Important number for the day is 26770. If it holds till 2 PM and breaks above and stays for more than 15 minutes ,we could see 26880 and 26960.

Suppose if BNF trading below 26770 by 2 pm to 2.40 pm, we could see bnf closing at the range of 26660-26620.

if fierce selling happens below that before 2.40 pm ,we could see 26540 by the close.

Markets can’t be predicted. It should be followed .

Would be tracking Options Strike Price of 26500 Call and 26500 Put for the day .

Put has to trade above 60-70  for the day

Call has to trade above 270 for the day .340 and 380 is the key resistance -Current price is 319 10.53 AM.

All the best .Trade from Savings and trade less

Sagar U.S