Who will win BJP Or Congress oR BTeam or CTeam OR Bulls or Bears May14-18 2018

BNF has satisfied 1st parameter by closing above 25850 for a week, our second parameter, we need BNF to close above 25850 for one more week. Let’s wait for the Price action to unfold for the week

what if it closes above 25850 -BNF Bulls would chase the next important level of 26354, but bulls are in hurry to chase any target, as of 13th may 2018 i.e today, BNF has closed at 26413. And have chased the above target of 26354, now whats in store for bulls is the question mark.

Their next target would be 26450, 26540,26620,26770,26880,26960 ,27070,27220,27310,27390,27490.

Bulls wouldn’t chase all the numbers mentioned above in few days or weeks, but that is the target for them in next few 2 quarters if they can be above 27490 by August 15th, they would be in better strength compared to bears.

Coming to for next few weeks

BNF Support is – 26354,26220,26120-26090,25950,25850,25720,25600,25460

BNF Resistance is -26450, 26540,26620,26770,26880,26960 ,27070

Now that’s confusing right. Whats the Magic Number for the coming week to observe

The bulls-magic number is 26220

The Bears Magic Number is 25850

Any Close above 26220 will lead BNF to close positive for the week, but where it will close nobody knows.

Any Close below 25850 will lead BNF  to close negative for the week, but where it will close nobody knows.

This week, a lot of events are packed with Karnataka Elections, Thursday expiry and one more week for the monthly expiry.

Being in my hometown, my prediction for Karnataka election – Disclaimer I may be wrong 10 out of 7 times.

This election is so tough to call with 3 parties fighting in their district wise, some are strong in some section and some are weak in most section of the district

  1. BJP Winning with the majority or slight shortage.

Game Over for Congress in Karnataka.

2. One more assumption, I may be wrong – if Ahinda vote doesn’t get broken, Congress Single largest party

JDS stays in the game only if Congress comes as the largets party.

B Team means -BJP +JDS – Tough

C Team means -Congress +JDS

Congress +JDS or  BJP Alone will form Government – My bet BJP would form

Coming to Stock Markets

whoever comes, our ambition is to make money in stockmarkets – Period!

Executing the plans are important than the plan.

Without the plan or process, we can not execute that’s the irony.

Trade less, trade with savings money

All the Best

Sagar U.S

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Sagar U.S

Have all human nature like greed, fear, love, passion, compassion, but the latter qualities are my strength. Mission to create 1 Million Entrepreneurs !

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