Market Weekly Diaries 9-13 APRIL 2018

BankNifty last Expiry closed at 24760 .2% Upside for the week

BNF is stuck in the range of 24150- 25280

Best Strategy in Sideways markets is too sit tight.

Take day by day -Daytrader

Positional Trader -No Trade is the best trade

Support for the week – 24680,24460,24260,24050

Resistance for the week -24950,25130,25280

Magic┬áNumber to watch out for bulls is 24680 – Close above this level will make bulls to be in the contest for April Series

Magic Number to watch out for bears is 24460 -Close below this level will make bears start believing in the contest.However, 24330 need to be broken decisively for bears to come back in the April series

Trade with savings money

Trade less

All the Best

Sagar U.S

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