Market Weekly Diaries 30th APRIL – 4th May 2018

Bank Nifty closed at 25394; Markets were UP for the last week

How to position to trade for the coming weeks

Bank Nifty Support – 25280, 25130, 24960 & 24660


Resistance – 25480, 25580, 25750 & 25950

After 2 weeks of downside, markets have started the weekly expiry on a positive start

Kotak Bank Results will be out on Monday

INDUSIND, HDFCBANK, YES BANK, AXIS BANK results have been out. Though Axis results came out with below-expected lines in last 20 years, we have seen huge up move in the stock, need to wait and watch, is it a trap or value buy.

Time will tell no predictions.

Bulls have to be a bit cautious for next 13 trading sessions.

It could be trap or trend change –time will decide, we professional traders, need to have patience and respect the price actions

With Karnataka Elections, SBI & ICICI yet to announce the results.Markets will be a bit slippery on both the sides.

25050-25350-25850 is a tough range for bank nifty

Break of these levels and close for 2 weeks on either of the levels, will decide the trend for the markets for a quarter

Example- 25050 has to be taken out by bears for at least for 2 weeks if they need to come back to the contest

Bulls have to take out 25850 for at least for 2 weeks if they need to show their strength

Trade with less quantity on the upside has markets have zoomed past 2000 points from the downside in last 2 months

Trade from savings money

All the Best

Market Weekly Diaries 21ST-27TH APRIL 2018

Bank Nifty Closed at 24944. Markets were down for the last week.

Do read our previous week levels and check weekly high and close.Have nothing more to say. Past is History.

Each second in markets are unique.

Coming Week is Monthly Expiry

How to position for the trade

Support – 24820,24660,24420 & 24260

Resistance- 24960,25130,25280 & 25490

Markets trade above 25210 for 2 days.It’s a clue for upside

How much more we can expect from bulls – 25330-25490-25580

Markets trade below 24820 for 2 days.It’s a clue for upside

How much more we can expect from bears- 24670-24470-24330


The probability for the sideways expiry week is on cards

Never predict the markets is the mantra

Magic Number for Bulls is 24960

Magic Number for Bears is 24760


Trade less

Trade from savings money

ALL the Best

Sagar U.S


Market Weekly Diaries 16-20TH APRIL 2018

Bank Nifty closed at 25195 -Weekly Expiry. It’s been a consecutive 3rd week, Bulls have won.

Making a low of 23606 on March 23th.  Bank Nifty has recovered 2000 Points.

Trade War, Geo-Political Tensions, Bank Scam, Election Focus, Markets have rebounded from the lows.

Now, the Million dollar question – how to trade BANKNIFTY

Support – 25000,24820,24660 &24480

Resistance- 25280,25480,25580, & 25750


Bulls have to close above 25430 for yet another week of victory.

Bears have to close below 25210 for the comeback

24920-25210 is a range where bears will try to pull back if they succeed -good but the irony is bears have to come back in April Series only if they close below 24480.

Till then this markets will be- To and Fro from the above range

With Syria Tensions, We don’t know how markets will react

Never Predict the Markets.Each Minute is Unique.

With Bank Scam, NPA Issues, Bank Nifty moves above 25730 -would be surprised

Bank Nifty may close above 25730 for a week or Two, then Smart money knows what we don’t know.

Henceforth, Better Be light in position sizing in the upper range

HDFCBANK, KOTAK are Two Important Stocks to watch out.

Trade Less- Trade From Savings Money

All the Best

Sagar U.S