Market Weekly Diaries 26-28Th March 2018

Market Weekly Diaries

26-28Th March 2018

Performance Should Speak is the Mantra

My Performance for last week -Do read market diaries for the reference

The Rest is History

I don’t want to put a badge of honour for the analysis

Market is Above all, it is the Supreme and Big Boss, every minute is Unique

Take Good & Bad Days equally- is the lesson learnt from my GURU @ carudramurthy

Coming to lessons and experience of mine for the week

Disclaimer – This Article is for my learning Purpose, Consult your Financial Advisor for the Recommendations and Trades

Weekly High was 24588, Weekly Low was 23605

Weekly Close for BNF is 23670

Check my Support reference number of last week article –it was around 23660, Friday close is 23670

Past is History and Mystery

Now, whats the Plan for the Next week- It’s a monthly Expiry week

Bank nifty is in clear downtrend, BNF Very Important reference point or range to watch for next few weeks is 23220 to 23880

From the above levels, market will bounce, if they don’t respect the above reference, then there is deep problem

We are @ the lower end of the range for the next few weeks, be cautious

Next week, we have 2 holidays on Thursday and Friday, we have 3 working days

Any close below 23560 on Monday and Tuesday, will break the bulls backbone for the month and we may head near monthly lows for the expiry close

Million dollar question is how to trade

Analysis is 10 %, Executing the trade is 90 %

Decide, first which timeframe is yours, before the trade and act accordingly

Global Markets are in bloodbath, due to all the concerned news from Face book to Trump to Indian Scams to Trade wars

End of the Day, we need to be slave to Price action,

Support for the week

23470, 23300, 23180 & 22980

Resistance for the week

23740, 23890, 24050 & 24330

Take Day by Day

Last 4 days, the range between high and low were moderate, compared to historical data

Have a look on global markets, how they would act each day, that gives us clue for our market direction

This Quarter (yet to finish) BNF is down over 7 %, After Modiji sworn as PM,this is the highest downfall

For the Month, we are down 5 % in BNF

We are heading down ,that’s a certain, but markets won’t fall vertically ,it will bluff by moving up, down ,up and down, till our investments reduces to zero and then moves accordingly

Analysing where to buy and sell is useless, if we don’t execute properly

Above that, how much to buy and sell is very important than buying or selling point

Above that, how emotionally we react to markets is much more important than above both

Let me execute the plan as per the analysis, will catch up next week on BNF weekly Dairies

Trade less

Trade from Savings money

Sagar U.S

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Sagar U.S

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