Bank Nifty January 25/1/2018

It was a roller coaster ride in Bank Nifty today (25/1/2018)


One of those days watching the screen is equal to few years of experience, Loved IT!

Watching the screen at right time at right day is important

Too much of anything is BAD!

Then, how do you decide how much time is required to watch the screen, would be the next question – to answer that – first understand what kind of timeframe do you trade and comfortable with it

Try it yourself, then deciding which works best for you and stick to it!

You, yourself is responsible for the Market Profits and Losses – Experts add value to your learning!

People, who aspire to make everyday profit, had a VEGAS experience! Only BANK NIFTY GOD would have saved them!!!

This can’t be thought or express, it has to be experienced .Period

Markets moved both the side, Flexible was the key. Without Strict Trading Plan, Traders would have burnt their fingers

It was the first expiry in the derivatives markets

This Month Bank Nifty has moved up 7%.

Monthly High and Low Range was around 2029 Points for bank Nifty

Bank Nifty had made 14 higher highs for the month, almost most in the recent times

With Budget on February 1st, tighten your seat belts for the fiery ride in BANK NIFTY (upside or downside) Even I don’t know!

It’s like being in VEGAS or any of the CASINO’S

Risk Management is the only Mantra for the coming week.

Any compromise on the above will pinch your bank account balance for sure! 100 % Certain!

I am just looking the below number for the next week

Bulls will take control in Bank Nifty only above 27480 and closes above the same will confirm the ongoing trend.

Then, what does it means – bears can breathe slowly after last few weeks of bull’s dominance

Nobody can predict the markets; I am also part of that ideology

Trade only with affordable capital – Lighten the positions for the next week

Bank Nifty last 3 weeks expiries have ended in positive

Million dollar question is what would be next Thursday closing?

NOBODY KNOWS is the Million Dollar Genuine Answer

Consecutive 3 weeks of positive sessions was seen in August series

Before that, it was in Early JULY when GST was introduced

Lot of positions can be taken with different timeframes and risk – it all depends upon each traders

Identify your timeframe, risk level, reward ratio, understand the stock or index how they have moved in recent times and have an eye on upcoming events.


Have learnt it hard way –

Before making money in markets- Invest in you first! Then Invest in markets!

If you do the opposite, 100% sure you will be paying hefty tuition fees to the markets in terms of Losses!

Learn from the experts, who trades in market, attend their training program, read books, magazine, trade slowly – Not many with genuine expertise in this Profession

But can suggest few international experts like – CA.Rudramurthy, Peter Brandt, Steve Burns, Rayner Teo, Michael LaMotte, and Tradeciety

Trade only from your savings capital -Period

Invest from your Earnings. Period


Sagar U.S





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Sagar U.S

Have all human nature like greed, fear, love, passion, compassion, but the latter qualities are my strength. Mission to create 1 Million Entrepreneurs !

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