what did I observe from these legends !

Shivaji Rao Gaekwad ( Rajnikanth )& Yuvraj Singh

Rajni Sir

1. Be Simple – Success doesn’t goes to head !

2. Believe in God – Miracle’s happen ! Humble beginnings to Superstar

3. Love what you do – forget what others says or cribs ! Sir recent message to youngsters

4. Be busy always – At this age ,he is still doing what he loves !

5. Never forget the roots – still respects and bonds with childhood and struggling time friends

6. Always be creative – Each movie comes up with new style ,so that can surprise the audience!

7. Be a Monk with Superstar Cult following – His Himalayan trips proves it !

8. Smile & Help – this both features will take us to eternity and this comes from inside, not from outside circumstances

9. Rajni sir life changed how? -he had bought the book in 1978 “autobiography of a yogi “, didn’t read the book for 25 years ,in 2003 – finished the book ,the rest is history ! and he recommends to read this book !

Why waiting try if you can ! I just started !

Yuvraj – colorful,cancer , comeback, champion and YouWeCan !

1. Flamboyant & Stylish – This was his entry to Indian Cricket Team

2. Fitness – Indian Changed the perspective of fielding after his entry ! Greatest lesson

3. Showstopper – 6 sixes – Cricket & 6 sixes never forgets yuvi !

4. Setbacks – if we are not up to our goals , we need to remember yuvi, he has seen most comeback in his career than any one ! Never give up attitude !

5. Champion – When we have that attitude of never give up , the next reward is champion title- world cup 2011 ,instrumental and player of the series ,also 2007 T20 effort no one forgets !

6. God Test – champion always suffer ,God tested with yuvi with one last time with illness ,as a champion he never gave up , as he is flamboyant defeated illness with straight drive !

7. Believe – Came back after illness and played ! That’s the biggest reward than winning any matches !

Superstar’s one miracle happened now , while writing this sentence,my app crashed, for few seconds felt ,how can I re-create this again ,was my initial thought !

Don’t know the nature wanted me to experience this I suppose- and give a clue – Miracles happen !

Article was saved in draft mode – till date it has never saved !

Wow ! Hope and pray infinite good luck to you !

Now,what have you observed from this legends

Do comment waiting Superstars

Sagar U.S

TCS Curiosity for Short Term -Part- 2


Clearly mentioned ,bulls would be in the game ONLY above 2115 to 2130 for couple of days -closing basis ( had highlighted numbers with bold)

What happened ,TCS never closed above 2130 ! for 2 days minimum !

Rest is magic ,today low of TCS is 2005 !

Bulls have built wall at 2075-2045 ,has broken today , need to see for next couple of days on closing basis* !

Now ,final walls for short term is 2010-1980-1930 !

Bulls to comeback they need to break the first wall @ 2085 for couple of days minimum !

Bears will be in control till they not allow bulls to break 2085-2130 !

Next 10-15 Trading sessions very crucial for bulls ,if they allow their walls (2010-1980)to crack ,bears will taste the sugar!

Bulls last chance is to defend 2010 – if done-next * is 2085 ! if not -game over for short term !

Disclaimer- It’s not a Recommendation

Invest/Trade Only from Savings Money

Sagar U.S

Steven Spielberg Lessons

Thank you, thank you, President Faust, and Paul Choi, thank you so much.

It’s an honor and a thrill to address this group of distinguished alumni and supportive friends and kvelling parents. We’ve all gathered to share in the joy of this day, so please join me in congratulating Harvard’s Class of 2016.

I can remember my own college graduation, which is easy, since it was only 14 years ago. How many of you took 37 years to graduate? Because, like most of you, I began college in my teens, but sophomore year, I was offered my dream job at Universal Studios, so I dropped out. I told my parents if my movie career didn’t go well, I’d re-enroll.

It went all right.

But eventually, I returned for one big reason. Most people go to college for an education, and some go for their parents, but I went for my kids. I’m the father of seven, and I kept insisting on the importance of going to college, but I hadn’t walked the walk. So, in my fifties, I re-enrolled at Cal State — Long Beach, and I earned my degree.

I just have to add: It helped that they gave me course credit in paleontology for the work I did on Jurassic Park. That’s three units for Jurassic Park, thank you.

Well I left college because I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and some of you know, too — but some of you don’t. Or maybe you thought you knew but are now questioning that choice. Maybe you’re sitting there trying to figure out how to tell your parents that you want to be a doctor and not a comedy writer.

Well, what you choose to do next is what we call in the movies the ‘character-defining moment.’ Now, these are moments you’re very familiar with, like in the last Star Wars: The Force Awakens, when Rey realizes the force is with her. Or Indiana Jones choosing mission over fear by jumping over a pile of snakes.

Now in a two-hour movie, you get a handful of character-defining moments, but in real life, you face them every day. Life is one strong, long string of character-defining moments. And I was lucky that at 18 I knew what I exactly wanted to do. But I didn’t know who I was. How could I? And how could any of us? Because for the first 25 years of our lives, we are trained to listen to voices that are not our own. Parents and professors fill our heads with wisdom and information, and then employers and mentors take their place and explain how this world really works.

And usually these voices of authority make sense, but sometimes, doubt starts to creep into our heads and into our hearts. And even when we think, ‘that’s not quite how I see the world,’ it’s kind of easier to just to nod in agreement and go along, and for a while, I let that going along define my character. Because I was repressing my own point of view, because like in that Nilsson song, ‘Everybody was talkin’ at me, so I couldn’t hear the echoes of my mind.’

And at first, the internal voice I needed to listen to was hardly audible, and it was hardly noticeable — kind of like me in high school. But then I started paying more attention, and my intuition kicked in.

And I want to be clear that your intuition is different from your conscience. They work in tandem, but here’s the distinction: Your conscience shouts, ‘here’s what you should do,’ while your intuition whispers, ‘here’s what you could do.’ Listen to that voice that tells you what you could do. Nothing will define your character more than that.

Because once I turned to my intuition, and I tuned into it, certain projects began to pull me into them, and others, I turned away from.

And up until the 1980s, my movies were mostly, I guess what you could call ‘escapist.’ And I don’t dismiss any of these movies — not even 1941. Not even that one. And many of these early films reflected the values that I cared deeply about, and I still do. But I was in a celluloid bubble, because I’d cut my education short, my worldview was limited to what I could dream up in my head, not what the world could teach me.

But then I directed The Color Purple. And this one film opened my eyes to experiences that I never could have imagined, and yet were all too real. This story was filled with deep pain and deeper truths, like when Shug Avery says, ‘Everything wants to be loved.’ My gut, which was my intuition, told me that more people needed to meet these characters and experience these truths. And while making that film, I realized that a movie could also be a mission

I hope all of you find that sense of mission. Don’t turn away from what’s painful. Examine it. Challenge it.

My job is to create a world that lasts two hours. Your job is to create a world that lasts forever. You are the future innovators, motivators, leaders and caretakers.

And the way you create a better future is by studying the past. Jurassic Park writer Michael Crichton, who graduated from both this college and this medical school, liked to quote a favorite professor of his who said that if you didn’t know history, you didn’t know anything. You were a leaf that didn’t know it was part of a tree. So history majors: Good choice, you’re in great shape…Not in the job market, but culturally.

The rest of us have to make a little effort. Social media that we’re inundated and swarmed with is about the here and now. But I’ve been fighting and fighting inside my own family to get all my kids to look behind them, to look at what already has happened. Because to understand who they are is to understand who were were, and who their grandparents were, and then, what this country was like when they emigrated here. We are a nation of immigrants — at least for now.

So to me, this means we all have to tell our own stories. We have so many stories to tell. Talk to your parents and your grandparents, if you can, and ask them about their stories. And I promise you, like I have promised my kids, you will not be bored.

And that’s why I so often make movies based on real-life events. I look to history not to be didactic, ‘cause that’s just a bonus, but I look because the past is filled with the greatest stories that have ever been told. Heroes and villains are not literary constructs, but they’re at the heart of all history.

And again, this is why it’s so important to listen to your internal whisper. It’s the same one that compelled Abraham Lincoln and Oskar Schindler to make the correct moral choices. In your defining moments, do not let your morals be swayed by convenience or expediency. Sticking to your character requires a lot of courage. And to be courageous, you’re going to need a lot of support.

And if you’re lucky, you have parents like mine. I consider my mom my lucky charm. And when I was 12 years old, my father handed me a movie camera, the tool that allowed me to make sense of this world. And I am so grateful to him for that. And I am grateful that he’s here at Harvard, sitting right down there.

My dad is 99 years old, which means he’s only one year younger than Widener Library. But unlike Widener, he’s had zero cosmetic work. And dad, there’s a lady behind you, also 99, and I’ll introduce you after this is over, okay?

But look, if your family’s not always available, there’s backup. Near the end of It’s a Wonderful Life — you remember that movie, It’s a Wonderful Life? Clarence the Angel inscribes a book with this: “No man is a failure who has friends.” And I hope you hang on to the friendships you’ve made here at Harvard. And among your friends, I hope you find someone you want to share your life with. I imagine some of you in this yard may be a tad cynical, but I want to be unapologetically sentimental. I spoke about the importance of intuition and how there’s no greater voice to follow. That is, until you meet the love of your life. And this is what happened when I met and married Kate, and that became the greatest character-defining moment of my life.

Love, support, courage, intuition. All of these things are in your hero’s quiver, but still, a hero needs one more thing: A hero needs a villain to vanquish. And you’re all in luck. This world is full of monsters. And there’s racism, homophobia, ethnic hatred, class hatred, there’s political hatred, and there’s religious hatred.

As a kid, I was bullied — for being Jewish. This was upsetting, but compared to what my parents and grandparents had faced, it felt tame. Because we truly believed that anti-Semitism was fading. And we were wrong. Over the last two years, nearly 20,000 Jews have left Europe to find higher ground. And earlier this year, I was at the Israeli embassy when President Obama stated the sad truth. He said: ‘We must confront the reality that around the world, anti-Semitism is on the rise. We cannot deny it.’

My own desire to confront that reality compelled me to start, in 1994, the Shoah Foundation. And since then, we’ve spoken to over 53,000 Holocaust survivors and witnesses in 63 countries and taken all their video testimonies. And we’re now gathering testimonies from genocides in Rwanda, Cambodia, Armenia and Nanking. Because we must never forget that the inconceivable doesn’t happen — it happens frequently. Atrocities are happening right now. And so we wonder not just, ‘When will this hatred end?’ but, ‘How did it begin?’

Now, I don’t have to tell a crowd of Red Sox fans that we are wired for tribalism. But beyond rooting for the home team, tribalism has a much darker side. Instinctively and maybe even genetically, we divide the world into ‘us’ and ‘them.’ So the burning question must be: How do all of us together find the ‘we?’ How do we do that? There’s still so much work to be done, and sometimes I feel the work hasn’t even begun. And it’s not just anti-Semitism that’s surging — Islamophobia’s on the rise, too. Because there’s no difference between anyone who is discriminated against, whether it’s the Muslims, or the Jews, or minorities on the border states, or the LGBT community — it is all big one hate.

And to me, and, I think, to all of you, the only answer to more hate is more humanity. We gotta repair — we have to replace fear with curiosity. ‘Us’ and ‘them’ — we’ll find the ‘we’ by connecting with each other. And by believing that we’re members of the same tribe. And by feeling empathy for every soul — even Yalies.

My son graduated from Yale, thank you …

But make sure this empathy isn’t just something that you feel. Make it something you act upon. That means vote. Peaceably protest. Speak up for those who can’t and speak up for those who may be shouting but aren’t being hard. Let your conscience shout as loud as it wants if you’re using it in the service of others.

And as an example of action in service of others, you need to look no further than this Hollywood-worthy backdrop of Memorial Church. Its south wall bears the names of Harvard alumni — like President Faust has already mentioned — students and faculty members, who gave their lives in World War II. All told, 697 souls, who once tread the ground where stand now, were lost. And at a service in this church in late 1945, Harvard President James Conant — which President Faust also mentioned — honored the brave and called upon the community to ‘reflect the radiance of their deeds.’

Seventy years later, this message still holds true. Because their sacrifice is not a debt that can be repaid in a single generation. It must be repaid with every generation. Just as we must never forget the atrocities, we must never forget those who fought for freedom. So as you leave this college and head out into the world, continue please to ‘reflect the radiance of their deeds,’ or as Captain Miller in Saving Private Ryan would say, “Earn this.”

And please stay connected. Please never lose eye contact. This may not be a lesson you want to hear from a person who creates media, but we are spending more time looking down at our devices than we are looking in each other’s eyes. So, forgive me, but let’s start right now. Everyone here, please find someone’s eyes to look into. Students, and alumni and you too, President Faust, all of you, turn to someone you don’t know or don’t know very well. They may be standing behind you, or a couple of rows ahead. Just let your eyes meet. That’s it. That emotion you’re feeling is our shared humanity mixed in with a little social discomfort.

But, if you remember nothing else from today, I hope you remember this moment of human connection. And I hope you all had a lot of that over the past four years. Because today you start down the path of becoming the generation on which the next generation stands. And I’ve imagined many possible futures in my films, but you will determine the actual future. And I hope that it’s filled with justice and peace.

And finally, I wish you all a true, Hollywood-style happy ending. I hope you outrun the T. rex, catch the criminal and for your parents’ sake, maybe every now and then, just like E.T.: Go home. Thank you

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TCS Curiosity for Short Term -Part- 1

TCS Current Price is 2123 !

For coming week to few weeks it’s looking Curious !

Bulls have built a wall @ 2075 – 2045 !

Bears have built a wall @ 2195-2250 !

The Bulls are very much in the game above 21152130-2160 for a couple of days to weeks – Closing Basis !

Once the walls are broken – Part 2 would be updated !

Disclaimer- It’s Not a Recommendation

Invest or Trade From Savings Money Only

Sagar U.S



with purpose , everything is possible
without purpose , everything is impossible

how to build purpose ?

purpose to make ourselves better is the first lap of the race
purpose to make others better is the last lap of the race

the gold medal is rewarded and the world remembers the person who finishes the race not who begins the race

Sagar U.S

Arnold Schwarzenegger 2018 – The speech that broke the internet – Most Inspiring ever

Work your – off. There is no magic pill. It drives me crazy to go to the gym. He reads one hour a day. I went and worked out five hours a day, and I was working on construction We have 24 hours a day organize your day. Work hard. I’m here to talk about success. I went to college, I went and worked out five hours a day, and I was working on construction Because in those days in bodybuilding there was no money We didn’t I didn’t have the money for food supplements or anything So I had to go to work Say worked in construction I went to college I worked out in the gym and at night from 8 o’clock at night to 12 midnight I went to acting class, four times a week. As I did all that, there was not one single minute that I wasted. And this is why I’m standing here today. At the age of 20, I went to London and I won the Mr. Universe contest as the youngest Mr. Universe ever. And it was because, I had a goal. You see if you don’t have a vision of where you go, and if you don’t have a goal where you go, you drift around and you never end up anywhere.

74% hate their job in America. The majority of people don’t like what they’re doing. Because they’re really not doing it because they didn’t have a goal and then followed this goal, they just aimlessly drift around and all of a sudden, there’s a job opening; so they get that job, because you have to work. But then when you grow it’s a chore. It’s work. It’s not fun. So if you think about it, only a quarter of the people really enjoy what they’re doing in life. So people always ask me, when they saw me in the gym in the pumping iron days, they say “why is it that you’re working out so hard?” “Five hours a day six hours a day and you have always a smile on your face?” “The others are working out just as hard as you do and then look sour in the face.” “Why is that?” And I told people all the time.

I said “Because to me, I am shooting for goal. In front of me is the Mr. Universe title. So every rep that I do gets me closer to accomplishing the goal to make this goal, this vision, turn into reality. Every single set that I do, Every repetition, every weight that I lift will get me a step closer to turn this goal into a reality.” So I couldn’t wait to do another 500 down squat. I couldn’t wait to do another 500 down benchpress I couldn’t wait into another 2,000 reps of sit-ups. I couldn’t wait for the next exercise So let me tell you something, visualizing your core and going after it makes it fun. You’ve got to have a purpose no matter what you do in life. You’ve got to have the purpose. Mohammed Ali worked his butt off. And I saw it firsthand. I remember that there was a sports writer, that was there in the gym, and he was working out he was doing situps.

And he asked him, “How many sit-ups do you do?” And he said, “I don’t start counting until it hurts.” Now think about it, he doesn’t start counting his situps and building feels pain. That’s when he starts counting. That is working hard. And so you can’t get around the hard work. It doesn’t matter who it is, work your – off. There is no magic pill. There is no magic out there. You cannot get around. You have to work and work and work. You have to make sure of this and make sure of that, and all of this stuff, so it’s work. And it drives me crazy when people say that they don’t have enough time to go to the gym for 45 minutes a day and work out.

Or do something for 45 minutes to an hour a day to improve. If it is physically improve or if it is mentally to improve. Imagine you read one hour a day, about history. How much you will learn after 365 hours, in one year. Think about if you study about the history of musicians of composers, how much you would know? Imagine if we would work on the business and some business that you want to develop, every day for an hour. Imagine how further along you will go, and get. So it drives me nuts because we have, when people say they don’t have the time.

We have 24 hours a day. We sleep 6 hours a day. So that gives you still 18 hours. But there’s someone shaking the head out here in front to say probably I don’t sleep 6 hours. I sleep eight hours, right? Or just sleep faster. So we have 18 hours a day. The average person works around 8 to 10 hours. So, let’s assume that’s 10 hours, so if you have eight hours left. Then you travel around an hour a day. Maybe two hours a day. So now you have still six hours left. So what do you do in this six hours? I’ll give you the six ounce. Let me eat a little bit maybe schmooze a little bit Talk a little bit the people and all that stuff, but you can see how much time that is available if you organize your day So you got the work hard. I hate Plan B.

And I tell you why, Because we have so many doubters as I’ve said earlier they didn’t no-sayers. We have so many of those people did say no and you can’t do it that’s impossible. That is okay because we just turn off as I said earlier Envy’s Listen and be here the now being a yes, you can’t do it do it. You can do it and all that So that that is possible to do that amongst all the negative people around you. But when you start doubting yourself, that’s very dangerous. Because now, what you’re basically saying is that if my plan doesn’t work, I have a fallback plan. I have a plan B. And that means that you start thinking about Plan B and every thought that you put into Plan B you’re taking away now that thought and that energy from Plan A. And it’s very important To understand that we function better, If there is no safety net. Because Plan B becomes a safety net.

It says that if I fail Then I fall and I get picked up and I have something else there that means it will protect me And that’s not good. Because people perform better when there’s no safety net. People perform better in sports and everything else if you don’t have a plan B. I’m telling you I’ve never ever had a plan B. I said I made a full commitment that I’m gonna go be a bodybuilding champion.

I made a full commitment that I’m gonna be in America. I made a full commitment that I’m gonna get into show business, and I’m going to be a leading man. No matter what it takes, I will do the work. I would do the work over and over and over until I get it. And the same as in politics, and everything like that. So to me, it is very dangerous to have a plan B because you’re cutting yourself off from the chance of really succeeding. And the reason, one of the main reasons why people want to have a plan B is because they are worried about failing. What is if I fail then I don’t have anything else. Well, let me tell you something. Don’t be afraid of failing, Because there’s nothing wrong with failing. You have to fail in order to climb that ladder. There’s no one that doesn’t fail. Michael Jordan said in one of his interviews When they said, “You’re unbelievably the greatest basketball player of all times. I mean tell me about that.” And he says, “Well you just mentioned the successes.

But it says for me to become the greatest basketball player, I missed 9,000 shots, when I was playing basketball the NBA games. So during this games that he was so successful he missed 9000 shots. Does it make him a failure? No. He is one of the greatest basketball player of all time, but he failed 9,000 times. Do you get it? We all fail. It’s okay.

What is not okay is that when you fail you stay down. Whoever stays down is a loser. And winners will fail and get up fail and get up fail and get up. You always get up. That is a winner. That is a winner. I failed in bodybuilding… I lost bodybuilding competitions. I lost power-lifting competitions I lost weightlifting competitions. I had movies that went in the toilet that were terrible and got the worst reviews, and in politics, I remember I had many of the initiatives on the ballot, and we lost. My approval rating in California, went down to 28%. And then it went back up again and I won again the governorship. Hey, we all lose We all have losses. This is okay, and this is why I say, “Don’t, be worried about losing. Because when you’re afraid of losing, then you get frozen. You get stiff, you’re not relaxed. You got to be… in order to perform well in anything, if it’s in boxing or if it is on your job, or what you’re thinking, it’s only happening when you relax. So relax, it’s okay to fail, let’s just go all out and give it everything that you got.

That’s what it is all about. So don’t be afraid to fail.

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