Good luck and Love (Tashi & Nungshi ) -Our Inspiration !

Two Nature Gifts -Sun & Moon.

It takes two hands to clap.

These twins has shown us nothing is impossible , will repeat “nothing is impossible”

Two diamond’s of India

Tashi -means good luck ,which she carries everywhere.

Nungshi -means love ,which she spreads everywhere.

What have they achieved ?

They are the first siblings and twins to climb the Seven Summits and reach the North and South Poles and complete the Adventurers Grand Slam and Three Poles Challenge.

First twin sisters in the world to scale Mt Everest (8,848 metres -29,029 ft) 

On April 21, 2015, Tashi & Nungshi became world’s first twins and siblings as well as the first South Asians to complete the Explorers Grand Slam

What is Explorers Grand Slam?

The Explorers Grand Slam is an adventurer goal to reach the NorthPole and SouthPole, as well as climb the Seven Summits 

Only 29 people globally had completed the Explorers Grand Slam and only 8 women. Tashi & Nungshi became 30th and 31st to complete and the 9th and 10th women as well as being the first South Asians to achieve the milestone.

Feel and Imagine their grit , determination, self confidence, being comfortable with uncomfortable and challenging situation , mental toughness, rigorous training , passion and drive ,physical strength and stamina !


Everest kalapatthar crop.jpg

Mount Everest 8,848 m (29,029 ft)Asia May 19 , 2013


Aconcagua 13.JPG

Aconcagua 6,961 m (22,838 ft) South America January 29 , 2014


Mount McKinley.jpg

Denali 6,194 m (20,322 ft) North America June 4 , 2014


Mt. Kilimanjaro 12.2006.JPG

Kilimanjaro 5,895 m (19,341 ft) Africa July 15 , 2015


Эльбрус с перевала Гумбаши.JPG

Mount Elbrus 5,642 m (18,510 ft) Europe August 22 , 2013


Mount Vinson from NW at Vinson Plateau by Christian Stangl (flickr).jpg

Mount Vinson 4,892 m (16,050 ft) Antarctica December 14 , 2014



PuncakJaya 4,884 m (16,024 ft) Australia

South Pole – December 28, 2014

North Pole – April 21,2015

Their Support and Inspiration – Indian Army officer, Col Virendra Singh Malik (Dad)

These Proud daughters must be included in our schools syllabus,they are the real inspiration .

We live in a country, where gender discrimination is still prevalent, this girls have broken all barriers.

There achievements has motivated and inspired our youths to chant –

‘I want to climb Everest like NungshiTashi’

For few minutes ,forget Doctor, Engineering,CA ,IAS …

Agree Superstar’s?

I, regret now, what i have missed in my life , nothing is late – you both sisters have inspired me to take a small step towards mountaineering ! This decade goal !

Felt terribly bad on myself, to know these two proud daughters of India , few days back !

Please watch their Ted Talks and few interviews . Definitely you would feel value for time and great investment .

Please spread a word about them to all, you may inspire a soul which is about to explore the mountains ,mother earth and nature

This January 26th 2020 – Padma Awards is waiting for them !

Sagar U.S

You can follow them

I,was ashamed,learn from my mistake !

Before ,you learn from my mistake – what’s happening with our Youngster’s of today !

You guessed it – it’s not that screaming and anger from past one month ( which needs to be solved urgently -period) but my domain and topic is not that for the day !

It’s other anger of lossing and screaming !

Irony is both the scream and anger – have one common place – Beautiful Assam!


Khelo India Youth Games 2020 which is happening in Assam

Do you know when was the events started – January 10th ,okay forget it !

Do you know when it will end – January 22 ,2022 ! Okay forget it !

No worries ,I am your guide till you finish the article !

We are a country of few sports , to be honest country of cricket ! Agree ? okay disagree ? Whatever please take a single stand and read next sentence !

Thanks !

Let me share my experience of today’s morning , myself to be blamed and guilty , had been to ground to play ,ya you guessed it -cricketttttt !

Something was murmuring in my ears “first change myself before changing others “

I, noticed lots and lots of kids from the age of 6 years with helmet,bat ,pad & ball, looking so adorable and replica of lilly put practising in the professional nets , roughly around 150-250 of them were present , yes this a story of one ground in one locality ,think about all over the country – imagine how many would have turned up all over the country!

That could be in lakhs minimum, that’s a good news – sad story is for just one game – Cricket !

Supply is too much ,for the slot of few hundred opening ( from domestic to international representation) in cricket !

Yes ,we have explored to others sports in last decade with advent of premier Leagues (thank Modiji – not what you imagined ,it’s Lalit Modiji)- today we have IPL Kabbadi, Badminton, Football, Boxing, and few more

Do you know there is an premier League happening currently ?

It’s called ISL – okay let me be your assistant – it’s Indian Super League ( Football)

Do you know which are the top two teams in points table : don’t worry ,even I didn’t knew ,few minutes back – my friend google helped ! It’s Goa and our State Karnataka’s Bengaluru FC !

Now , imagine you landed back to Assam for khelo India Youth Games – do you know what’s the age limit for the participation – don’t search google!

Under 17 age category and Under 21 age category can take part in this events

Do you know – How many Sporting events are there ?

Yes – there are 20 events

Sports event are – Archery,Athletics,




Kabaddi,Kho-Kho,Lawn Bowl,


Table Tennis,Tennis,Volleyball,

Weightlifting and Wrestling

Each State and Union Territory take parts !

Okay , as of this second ,do you know – what’s the medal tally – you can search google later !

Karnataka tally shocked me ? Check out !

Around 10000 athletes are participating around India , 451 events from 20 sports discipline are held !

Every year best performing 1000 participants are given an annual scholarship of Rs 500,000 for 8 years to prepare them for international sporting events.

I have made a mistake of leaning towards cricket ,for next 10 days why can’t we track ,watch ,share about this sports events and make our family kids to explore to new sports !

What do you say Superstar’s ?

Time has come, this decade we need to explore more and more of other sports and there are numerous icons and inspiration from challenging background are inspiring us !

Today is also Youth day !

It’s a birth anniversary one of our India’s greatest son

Swami Vivekananda once said, you will be nearer to heaven through football(sports) than through the study of the Gita/Bible/Quoran

Let’s Build Character, Community and country through Sports !

For a change let’s look in to others sports discipline like , running, throwing & jumping

Khelo India Khelo !

Sagar U.S

I am Wall !

One Sun ,One Moon

One Rahul Dravid !

Read the previous article now !

You can decode from date of birth to world cup devastating result ,to wicket keeping ,to be opener ,to getting drop from the team ,to become captian ,to being coach to junior team ,to playing highest balls in test cricket, to most number of minutes spent in cricket field ,to winning outside India ,to remain as cool as ice ,to be as humble as sun and moon ,to Padma Shri to Padma Bhushan to Wisden cricketer ,to ICC hall of fame, to one of the greatest human being played cricket !

However ,he will be remembered as Karnataka pride son and India’s Shinning Star

You are inspiration and role model to all of us

Thanks from bottom of my 💓 for your joy and happiness over the years and looking forward for more in years to come

Sagar U.S

Who am I

Once upon a time ,there was a person who used to toil day in and day out or should I say minute to minute ! Literally till his last day of the work or last second of his work !

Earlier he was visible yet invisible now he is invisible, yet he is irreplaceable, unmatchable

He was the most hardworking talented guy who was created only through sheer patience, sweat, grit and grind !

He was the go to person for his fellow workers ,whenever there was a crisis – they give him the opportunity to work , actually to be honest ,work was waiting for his gracious presence – not a exaggeration!

He never disappointed ! He showed his spark every time when there was darkness

He become sticky ,tasty and protector to his fellow workers

However ,he resembled like a water to his fellow workers, henceforth they used him for various kind of activities , being a character of sheer steel ,he never used to say “No” for his fellows requests ,he used to happily accept and it was a pride & honour for him to stand shoulder to shoulder for his fellow workers

He used to work in a style of his own ,he used to make others bogged down by his work approach ,at times boring , even tested the time clock , he was criticized for his work,as time passes, few co- fellows didn’t know the value of what kind of strong sand ,wall and brick he was made of ,he was thrown out of working environment

He went back to his lab ,fire in him turned his weakness in to strength ,but the biggest lethal weapon he developed was on his strengths, – he become much more invincible and unconquerable on his strengths!

The new skills with old wisdom he came back ,did his job in a most calmness and composed manner ,which was unthinkable & unimaginable

He was mirror for class, elegant and behaviour

His fellow workers were too hugely talented, gifted , charming and lightening in their work too , at times or to say most of his entire work time ,he worked under their shadow !

Day of sunshine arrived to him,but it was short lived in his very important work of his lifetime

As time passes , he was sidelined , finally on judgement day ,job didn’t deserve him!

His accomplishments fetched him lots of love , affection above all – not a single haters

He was a man of few words and more of a action !

He will be remembered for no show off, no gimmicks ,no baggage of his past works, he will be remembered as gentle a man ever lived in this planet of 22 catchment tiny yards

Tiger Zinda Hai and he has more to offer !

One Sun ,One Moon and Nineteen Seventy Three Stars

One One- One

“Who am I “

Sagar U.S

Happy Birthday To Rocking Star – 2D Letter !

Thinking Big is a synonymous for you

Working and implementing for that separates you from the rest

In that Journey ,being original is the only ingredient ,which crosses across boundaries , that’s your stamp.

Boldness joins when beliefs builds ,belief comes when fear of losing is put on rest ! To make fear rest ,passion must be pro active every milie seconds, passion agrees only when heart is filled for others

When Heart is overflowing with pureness ,it reflects in attitude !

Attitude sparkles only when we take a stand for a cause ,thats when gangster (Hero) becomes monster( National Super Star) !

When others are awestruck for the past achievements,and decoding your success formula ,you have already stumped them with the new game – with new rules – with same infinite zeal ! Because life is me Vs me !

That comes only, when oneself is connected with mother earth ! That’s a masterpiece !

Mother Earth showers the success crown with brightest light through near and dear ones – that’s the final magic , which satisfies the inner soul – that’s known as one big family and friends !

You are an inspiration boss ,for all the new dreamers

We wish you infinite happy birthday brother , this is the beginning !



Sagar U.S

Happy New Year 2020

Wish you all happy new year Superstar’s, the coming 366 days be filled with infinite joy, happiness,peace,wealth & love !

let’s leap out of our comfort zone this leap year !

let’s build new habits which will improve ourselves !

let’s keep old habits which has helped ourselves !

let’s start this decade with infinite zeal and energy and make our family, friends, country smile !

Above all , let’s not forget to smile ourselves on our mistakes & success

Let all of our dreams come true !

Sagar U.S